I did Technasium as secondary education, this means atheneum with an extra subject called Research and Design (R and D).
R and D is a subject in which you will be doing a project for a couple of months. During these projects you start with making a plan, when do we have to finish what and who is going to do it? After that you will have to research into the subject. What is done after this depends on the subject. It can range from making a design for an area to doing tests with models to handing a report stating who is the killer. This has tought me a lot of creative thinking, how to present your design, search for solutions and how to defend your design but also know when the other is right. In the first four years the projects where given to us, however the last two years we had to find the projects ourselves. This also thought me how to find clients and how to keep in contact with them.
Here is a brief summary of all the projects I have done in the last six years. After this are a couple of projects I wanted to point out.

First year
A New Tiger Shelter – Design a new tiger shelter for Ouwehands Dierenpark.
Website for a Doctor – Make a new website for a doctor.
Design for Safety – Build a ship and test its strength.
WERV – Design an area so it can withstand the climate changes such as risen water level.

Second year
No CANS – Design a new stool for pupils to properly sit on.
ENKA area – Design a new residential area at the place of the old ENKA factory.
Technology Helps – Design a helpful tool for the impaired.
CSI – Solve a fake murder.

Third year
2fast2furious – Build the fastest racing car using an electro engine.
Obesity – Build a helper that will encourage overweight people to lose weight.
Entrenched rail track – Research where the best spot is for a bridge over the rail track.
Theatre – Organize a play with the whole class.

Fourth year
House of the Future – Design a new home which can be build in 20 years.
Waste deposit – Design a new waste deposit.
Food Valley – Design an area in the theme of the Food Valley.
Cool Drink – Make a new drink using Kefir (kind of yogurt), which teens will like to drink.

Fifth year
Detour in Barneveld – Decide where to build a detour in Barneveld.
Decayed Industry – Redesign an old part of the industry in Ede.

Sixth year
Dams in Zimbabwe – Design an area in Zimbabwe with water collection, agriculture and more.

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